To All those that understand the meaning

Yvonne and I are taking some time to organize our new website. In the past years we have wanted to do something to help promote local talent and we think now is the time to do it. If you know of a group that has potential let us know. We will try and make arrangements to get a video and sound and put them here on our website. Now, hand me a worm....

THE HOWARD COUNTY VIETNAM VETERANS STORY The Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization was established in 1981. The organization’s sole purpose at the time was to raise funds for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Howard County for the Vietnam Veterans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. With the support of a lot of good people in Kokomo and Howard County Indiana and the approval of city and county officials the funds were raised, the memorial was built on the downtown square of Kokomo in the courthouse.

After that enormous project was completed, the officers and members were trying to decide what project the organization could do next. Someone said half jokingly, “lets have a hog roast for Vietnam Veterans”. Everybody agreed and that was the beginning of the now famous Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion held for the last 29years. The reunion is the oldest annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion in the country and most say by far the best! The organization owns 40 acres 8 miles east of Kokomo Indiana on State Road 26. Our nickname for our property is the Healing Fields. Many of veterans have found themselves on our property. We are open 12 months a year, and have 1800 members nationwide.

For those that might be interested in meeting at the reunion we will be going up on Friday September 19th, 2014. Thanks...Ron
Yvonne has done a fantastic job of creating our new website and I want to thank her. When was first started several years ago I tested my serenity level on many occasions trying to keep things 'up and running'. Even though technology is much better today it is a definite plus having someone that knows how to use it. God only knows where this site is headed but I am sure that it will be fun getting there. Thanks...Ron
We have a small group of classmates working on our 50th Reunion. The date of June 6th, 2015 has been chosen so you can write that into you schedule. Feel free to post any ideas or suggestions, I am sure the committee members will be watching. Thanks...Ron
Being the computer genius that I am not, I have gone into the repair, and will soon be expanding into cell phones. We will try to keep this blog void of political comments (and I will promise to keep my comments to myself) and concentrate on getting out of this world with some sanity and serenity. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks...Ron