We have a small group of classmates working on our 50th Reunion. The date of June 6th, 2015 has been chosen so you can write that into you schedule. Feel free to post any ideas or suggestions, I am sure the committee members will be watching. Thanks...Ron


Gilda Eller Wolf
06/28/2014 8:38pm

I LOVE that the date is close to the race so we can come!!

06/30/2014 4:15pm

I like the idea of having it at the Westlake Reunion I saw Ben Davis do the class of 74 there this year and it was quite nice

Pam McQueen Carmichael
10/01/2014 6:15am

Would it be possible to have our yearbook picture nametags again?

Ron McCann
10/01/2014 8:27am

We thought about it but are somewhat concerned how large we would have to make the pictures in order for people to see them. It is a great idea and can be done.


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